We have the best burgers and hot dogs in town

TThe Shack is the Best Fast Food in Town. At least that is what our customers tell us (we agree with them). Often people ask “What’s our story, how did we get started?”. While we’d love to give a long story of how we were searching the globe for the best burgers, hotdogs, and breakfast to bring back to our home state of Nebraska to offer to the people of Omaha, the real answer is far from that…

This all started with a couple guys having a beer saying “Where can we go around here to have a good burger?” Not finding a place close by we noticed a closed-up BBQ restaurant that seemed to have all that we needed to open a small burger joint where we could serve up those burgers that we were looking for.
Figuring that we would get sued if we called the place “Two Guys Burgers and Fries” we simply looked at our first store. It kind of looked like an old-school shack on the inside (barn wood and all). Thus “The Shack” was born.

Our team

We are The Shack's amazing team
Rob “The Kiwi”
Ninja Chef

Greg Hall
Commander and Chef

We like to create fast food. But not ordinary fast food. We create delicious fast food. Welcome…